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Signs that you are drinking a craft gin

If you're ever wondering just how craft the gin you're drinking is, there three simple tips may help you spot a craft gin when you see one... 

1. Craftmanship

True craft distillers handcraft their gins themselves, know each botanical that goes in their product and are passionate about gin. If you've followed our blog, you will know exactly what we are mean. 

The term "craft" can sometimes be misused as it has become a trend and even the big brands are using that label to sell their products. However, if you read about our gins and their stories, you will be able to tell the difference between a standard gin and a craft gin.

2. The story behind the bottle

What mostly makes a craft gin are the distillers behind it!

If you are a Gin in the Box member you will have noticed the great stories behind our gins. Isn't it wonderful to know that friends, families, partners came together over their love of gin to produce something special? It surely is to us. 

3. Rarety 

Craft gins often come in small-batches and that is because for many craft distillers, making gin is more than just making money, it's a passion. 

It is usually hard to find craft gins unless you are really look for them, they are not often available at supermarkets but can be found in dedicated liquor stores or with us. 

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