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How To Make The Perfect Gin and Tonic

Undoubtably one of the most debated topic between gin lovers! What's the perfect mix? 1:2? 1:3? Topping? It is often down to tastes. But to give you an idea, we went to an experienced bartender in Brussels who broke it down for us...

Following years of bartending, our expert became accustomed to the style of G&T most people enjoyed and believes the 1:4 is the perfect ratio.


5cl of gin

20cl of Premium Tonic Water


The most appropriated garnish (cucumber, basil, ....)recommended by the gin brand to bring out the botanicals


Step 1 : Using a jigger, measure and pour 5cl of gin into a copa or long drink glass (see pictures).

Step 2 : Add plenty of ice.

Step 3 : Pour 20cl of Premium Tonic Water and stir again.

Step 4 : Garnish with the recommended toping and stir again to bring out the botanicals.

Our expert's tip

  • Add gin first, followed by ice.
  • Gently stir no more than 10 times, this will bring out the botanicals in the gin and reduce the burn from the alcohol.
  • In case you decide to add a topping such as pepper, be careful not to use too much of it as it will cancel out the botanicals taste in your gin.

Cheers ! 

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