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5 low-calorie cocktails

We have good news for everyone who is on their start of the year program. We know you care about your well-being and so do we. Being on a diet can be difficult and is definitely not fun! BUT, you can still enjoy these low-calorie cocktails. 

#1 The Cucumber Fizz (84 calories)


Fill cup with ice

2.5 cl of gin

2.5 cl of Elderflower Cordial

5 cl of Apple juice

Add Proseco 

4-5 mint leaves

2 slices of cucumber, 1 to garnish

#2 Tom Collins (122 calories)


6 cl of gin

3 cl of fresh lemon juice

1.5 cl of sugar syrup

Soda water

Lemon slice and cherry to garnish

#3 Red Snapper (122 calories)


5 cl of gin

10 cl of tomato juice

Hot sauce (optional)

Salt and pepper

Celery and lemon slice to garnish

#4 French 75 (140 calories)


5 cl of gin

2 cl of fresh lemon juice

2 cl of simple syrup

5 cl of Champagne

Lemon twist to garnish

#5 Gin Tonic (148 calories)

5 cl of gin

20 cl of premium tonic water


Slice of lemon to garnish


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