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Plantation Rum Original Dark (70cl, 40%) View the full size
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Plantation Barbados 5Y (70cl - 40%)

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Origin : Barbados

Tasting Notes:

The nose opens with a great sweetness of coconut milk and vanilla, as well as a syrup of sweet spices like tonka bean, cinnamon, nutmeg. A round and pastry-like atmosphere emerges from the first moments.

The aeration reveals more notes of roasting, and the profile becomes more and more spicy. We also notice a touch of acidity, greed and sweetness, with a layer of crushed strawberries, almost milky.

In the mouth, we are happy to find our beautiful vanilla coconut seen in the nose. The roundness and the greediness of the American oak are at their peak, especially since we feel a rather round and sweet texture that adds a little more greediness.

The finish is a real little coconut rock with sweet spices.