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Box November 2022 : The Drunken Horse Gin View the full size

Box November 2022 : The Drunken Horse Gin

49,00 €

Content of the box

  • The Drunken Horse GIN (50cl), an exceptional Belgian gin
  • 2 Tonics
  • 1 Pipaillon Zesty Pear Killer Jam
  • Our exclusive magazine

Description of the gin

The Drunken Horse Gin

Botanicals: Timut pepper, citrus, cardamom

The Drunken Horse Gin is unique in its taste. The first wave is a fruity citrus flavor from freshly peeled lime, grapefruit and lemongrass peel. Next, there are earthy notes in the middle of the tongue
from cardamom and coriander. To finish with three effective chilies. Notably
timut pepper doesn't just add a spicy note. It brings back the citric notes of the first wave of sensations.