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Amuerte Green Edition (70cl - 43%) View the full size
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Amuerte Green Edition (70cl - 43%)

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Country : Belgium

Type : Fruity

Botanicals: Coca leaf and Curuba (banana-passion)

Tasting Notes:

Amuerte Green is as true to life as it gets - a perfectly balanced distilled gin for hot summer nights. Subtle bitter flavors of premium coca leaves combined with Curuba (banana-passion) fruit.

The taste is fresh, slightly acidic and wildly tropical. Perfect for pairing with a neutral tonic or a Tom Collins Passion cocktail. A spirit like this can only be captured in a masterful bottle. Crafted to perfection and finished with 24-karat gold. It's time to elevate your gin and drink... to life!

How to drink it?

Gin and tonic -> 50 ml of Amuerte Green Edition

100 ml of Hyssop tonic

1 slice of grapefruit