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Bombay Citron pressé (70cl - 37,5%)

29,90 €

Country : England

Type: Citrus

Botanical : Mediterranean lemons

Tasting Notes: Made from a 100% natural fruit infusion, BOMBAY LEMON PRESSED is a distilled gin where lemon enriches the classic juniper notes of London Dry Gin. The inspiration? The iconic Tom Collins cocktail, which mixes gin, sugar and lemon juice. But here, no added sugar! Instead of using artificial additives or sugar after distillation, BOMBAY LEMON PRESSED contains only hand-picked Mediterranean lemons, harvested early in the season to capture their vibrant aroma. They are then concentrated to create a 100% natural fruit infusion, which gives BOMBAY LEMON PRESSED a sunny glow and invigorating notes. A refreshing spirit that meets our demand for authenticity and quality.

How to drink it ?

Gin Tonic ->Fever Tree Indian Tonic + Orange slice