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Hendrick's Neptunia (70 cl - 43,4%) View the full size

Hendrick's Neptunia (70 cl - 43,4%)

49,00 €

Hendrick's Neptunia

70 cl - 43,4% alc.

Country : Scotland

Type : Citrus

Botanicals : Rose petals, citrus fruits, lemon peel, coriander
Flavors : Hendrick's Neptunia is the new expression of the cabinet of curiosities, inspired by the poetic melody of the waves that enchant Mrs. Gracie when she walks on the beaches. It's based on Hendrick's Original gin and its famous signature rose and cucumber, enhanced by an invigorating blend of coastal botanicals and a sweet citrus finish.
How to drink it?

Gin Tonic -> Hyssop Eau Tonique - garnish: cardamom