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VØRDING's Gin Rosé (70cl - 45%) View the full size

VØRDING's Gin Rosé (70cl - 40%)

42,00 €

Vørding's Gin Rosé

70 cl - 40% alc.

Country : Netherlands

Type : Floral

Botanicals : Rose, wild peach, tulip bulbs
Taste : On the nose, Vørding's Rose Gin welcomes with sweet and floral aromas dominated by roses and sweet wild peaches. Juniper is subtly present in the background.

On the palate, strong, fresh citrus notes appear first. Juniper and coriander briefly show they are there too. Soon they disappear back into the background to make way for the sweet, floral tones. The finish is long and sweet and is filled with rose notes and a hint of cedar. It offers a nice delicate finish and invites you to take another sip.
How to drink it?

Gin and tonic -> Artisan Pink Lady - garnish: lemon peel