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Botaniets Gin 0.0%.

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Don't have Dreams, have Goals!

Welcome the opportunity to socialize without the infamous ‘fuzzy’ head the next day!  

Niets is focused on goal-oriented lifestyle people who either by choice, for health reasons or as a break from the norm, must not, cannot or do not want to drink alcohol. They may, however, have reason to enjoy a real cocktail, a drink that implies a ‘sense of occasion’, and not just a simple fruit juice or a sugary soft drink!

Botaniets Handcrafted Distilled Gin 0.0%, "The king of Zero",  has already won growing numbers of gastronomic and starred restaurateurs. 

Whilst Botaniets Gin is based on a hidden recipe from 1887, the real secret is combining the highest quality naturally sourced ingredients with expert distillation techniques, to produce an unrivalled 0.0% alcohol drink experience.

Low Cal : A Botaniets-based cocktail is 30Kcal maximum, against 300 Kcal for its alcoholic version! Women, athletes, diabetics and pregnant women are very sensitive to it!