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Box February 2023 : Sir Chill France View the full size

Box Avril 2023 : Arduenna Gin

52,00 €

Content of the box

  • Broken Bones London Dry Gin (50cl)
  • 2 tonics
  • 1 Snack
  • Our Exclusive Magazine

Description of the gin

Broken Bones London Dry Gin

Botanicals: Rosehip, lime blossom, lemon zest

Broken Bones London Dry Gin is a fresh juniper gin with a unique character based on traditional recipes with a distinctive Slovenian origin. The recipe includes selected local juniper and rosehips from the Slovenian Karst region, as well as lime blossoms, coriander, cardamom, angelica, licorice, iris, lemon peel and other traditional botanicals, which enhance the fresh juniper and citrus character of our gin.

Because we believe in natural processes, our gin is not chill-filtered and contains no added sugars. All of our gins are made in small batches with careful attention to every detail, which is why each one is unique.