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Why did you throw a box of gin?

In 4 years, we have delivered more than 30 000 boxes and today there are more than 5000 Gin Lovers active on our site.

The Gin in the Box concept is a subscription service to a box. There are thousands of sites like this in Europe and the USA in different sectors: cosmetics, wellness, sports, wine, beer, flowers, ...

But why do we have a gin booth?

When I explain our concept at parties and events, people quickly understand it and quickly see its usefulness when they learn that there are more than 5000 brands of Gins in the world. In their usual store, they can find a maximum of 10.

"Great concept", they all say to me, almost all of them.

But very quickly their question comes up:

"One bottle of alcohol a month, you have to keep up! I never drink that much.

Anyway, I'm not your target anyway" and that's when I develop our project in more detail.

Why did you start a gin joint?

For the last 10 years, most of the parties I attended, there was a gin bar with often one or even two brands of gin and a lot of condiments to put inside (cucumber, pepper, juniper berries, orange, lemon, basil, ...).

Anyway, like many, I had become a fan of Ginto in the evening. But from there to throwing a gin booth...

In August 2017, my cousin, who has been working in the spirits business for more than 10 years, contacted me to get my opinion on a Gin box and asked me if I knew someone who knows about digital technology and who would like to launch a Gin box with it.

I then briefly analysed the Gin market and realised that there were a large number of small producers but that these were not present in the traditional distribution and that they had difficulties in making themselves known beyond their region. That a dozen brands of gin had appeared alongside Gordon, which for me was still a reference.

I was very quickly convinced by the concept.

But we were also very realistic: we had to see if we could convince consumers to subscribe to our gin box subscription.

We created a website describing our 3 subscription formulas:

1 box per month, 1 box every 2 months and 1 box every 3 months.

Soon after launching the site, we realized that the word "subscription" sounded wrong for a gin box and we replaced "subscription" by "Discovery formula" and the magic started to take hold... visitors joined us.

For what reason? The first to join us had long since switched to gins other than Gordon's and wanted to continue discovering varieties of gins that are difficult to buy close to home.

Since then, we have been regularly contacted by gin producers every week to participate in our box and we are happy to help them promote their brand to our Gin Lovers.

I hope I have answered the question "Why did you start a gin box"? If you haven't joined us yet and are tired of your traditional Gordon's, you are now convinced that one of the 3 "discovery" formulas is a good choice for you!



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