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The perfect serve of February by Cocktails.bytheway

The perfect serve february ... Not one but TWO exceptional cocktails to make with your Maredsous gin !

This month, Cocktails.bytheway gives us the recipes for Happiness !

Discover the perfect serve of the month ! New recipes !

These 100% Belgian cocktails!


5cl Maredsou Gin

3 cl Green tea infusion

1.5 cl Lemongrass syrup

2cl Fresh lime juice

Top with apple cider Wignac

For decoration: apple and mint


5cl Maredsou gin

3cl fresh lime juice

4cl ginger-beer

Top with Wignac

Decoration: dehydrated lime, slice of ginger

This recipe was created by Cocktails.bytheway! Discover this young Belgian concept!

A brand new concept that should please you!

Cocktails.bytheway is entirely dedicated to giving you an exceptional experience!
Founded by cocktail lovers Elodie Caron and Harold Lengele, these two young people have created their own conceptual cocktail bar.

A private event? A desire to learn how to mix tastes and flavours? or simply for fun? The Cocktails.bytheway Team comes to build a bar where you want it but that's not all!

Learning workshops, ephemeral bars, events ...
The team intervenes for the greater good of your taste buds!

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