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Negroni - Italian Classic

A huge Italian classic that is nearly a century old and originated in Florence: the Negroni!

Based on gin, vermouth... a fruity and subtly bitter blend that is very pleasant.

The Negroni was created in Italy, in Florence, in the 1920s at the request of a very good customer of Café Casoni, the fairy tale Camillo Negroni. He wanted to change from the classic Americano with a hint of gin!

And it soon became a success!


10 cl cold gin
10 cl Campari cold
10 cl Cold red vermouth
4 slices of orange
2 strokes Sambuca or anisette optional
ice cubes


Fill the glasses with ice cubes. Divide the orange slices.

Pour the gin, Campari, anisette and red vermouth into a large mixing glass and mix. Pour into glasses and serve.

With him you are in Italy... nostalgic, vintage or even very modern of the bars of the big cities at the time of the aperitivo.

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