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10 delicious Mocktails to enjoy his mineral tour!

If you try this year's Dry January, you know how difficult it can be to sip tea or soda while your friends explore exotic cocktails and tangy wines. But if you thought your month was going to be filled with seltzer and water, stop now: we've been searching the internet for the best alcohol-free cocktail recipes to help you satisfy all your cravings for alcohol.

Whether you're looking for a fruity or spicy finish, scroll down to find the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail recipe to help you end your weekends in style.

#1 Champagne Craving

Try a sparkling citrus drink.

  • grapefruit juice
  • a sprite, 7up, club soda or water a flavored sparkling wine
  • fresh lime wedge
  • fresh lemon wedge
  • simple syrup (optional)
  • rosemary or thyme and grapefruit to garnish
  • Ice. 

With just a handful of ingredients and a subtle hint of citrus, this drink offers the perfect tangy texture that champagne lovers love so much. Serve in a champagne glass for the full effect.

#2 Craving mojito

Try this fresh, virgin version of the classic!

  • Basil
  • Lemon wedge for decoration
  • Soda water
  • Lemonade (Homemade* or buy)
  • Ice.

**Simmer water and sugar in equal parts over low heat until dissolved. Once cooled to room temperature, add to a pitcher with about four cups of cold water and about one cup of lemon juice.

#3 Cosmopolitan Craving

Try a sparkling cranberry mocktail. The tangy taste of cranberries and the sweetness of Sprite give this festive drink a unique touch.

  • Cranberry Sprite
  • Cranberry juice 
  • Lemon juice
  • Simple syrup
  • Fresh cranberry
  • Rosemary for decoration

#4 Craving a Hot Punch

Add all the ingredients to your blender container and close the lid. Start on low speed and slowly increase to high speed and blend for 6 minutes and serve immediately.

  • Filtered water
  • organic apple, cored (about 3 large apples)
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon

optional: a touch of unpasteurized raw apple cider vinegar at serving time
optional: serve with 1 teaspoon of whole cloves

#5 Craving Red Wine

Although these grapes are not fermented, this recipe makes sure to use fresh grapes to really pack the flavour. The fennel seeds add more depth to complete the drink.

  • Red Grape Juice
  • 2 tablespoons fennel seeds
  • cane sugar
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • crushed ice
  • soda water

Bring the ingredients to a boil and reduce the temperature. Simmer for 5 minutes and infuse. Fill glasses with crushed ice. Spread the syrup evenly between the two glasses and garnish with sparkling water.

#6 Craving White Wine

  • fresh or frozen cranberries
  • orange
  • apple
  • cranberry juice
  • pomegranate and blueberry juice
  • apple juice
  • ginger beer
  • ice

Pour the cranberries and 1/2 cup of cranberry juice into a small saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-low heat. Simmer until the cranberries burst. It will become thick and syrupy. Pour into a pitcher.
Slice the orange and dice the apple and add to the pitcher.
Add the different juices and stir. Add the ginger beer and serve.

#7 Craving Moscow Mule

Try a ginger beer party punch.

Beer doesn't have to be alcoholic to be fun - and this ginger beer version proves it!

  • lemonade or soda 
  • lime juice
  • ginger beer
  • slices of lime and lemon for garnish

Mix all ingredients in a large beverage container. Stir.
Serve over ice topped with lemon and lime slices.

#8 Craving Vodka Soda

Try this rosemary drink inspired by grapefruit.

Although it's not as hardcore as a vodka soda, this grapefruit mocktail has hints of citrus that almost mimic the taste of alcohol!

  • grapefruit juice
  • rosemary syrup
  • Crushed ice
  • Carbonated water

Assemble in a shaker and serve in glasses with ice and sparkling water.

#9 Craving Pina Colada

Although not as forgiving as the creamy cocktail, this pink drink adds coconut milk and honey to create a more fun touch!

  • hibiscus tea (I used Tazo Passion tea)
  • water
  • honey or maple syrup
  • ripe strawberries, peeled and thinly sliced, divided
  • orange juice
  • light coconut milk (in box or carton)

Simmer the water and place the tea bag on the stove and stir in the honey until dissolved. Place half of the sliced strawberries on top. Let the mixture infuse. Pour the orange juice and coconut milk into the mixture and stir. Fill the glasses with ice and divide the pink drink between the glasses.

#10 Craving Bellini

Try this peach ginger kombucha drink.

  • peaches, pits removed
  • water
  • Kombucha with lemon and ginger
  • Lemon slices

In a blender, add the peaches and water. Blend until smooth.
Spread the peach puree evenly in glasses filled with crushed ice. Pour in the lemon and ginger kombucha and mix. Garnish with lemon slices and lemon juice. Kombucha's sparkling texture mimics your favourite bubbles, while the peaches add the perfect touch of sweetness.

And your dry January or mineral tour becomes a real treat! CHEERS

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